Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Zoot Suit Classified by a high-waist and wide leg trouser, the Zoot Suit is shown here on Warren Beatty in the movie Bonnie and Clyde. The film won the Oscar for best costume design in 1967, the designer was Theodora Van Runkle. A hat is also a key element of this outfit. The zoot suit was popularized in the 1930's and 40's by diverse American cultures. The three images below are from John Galliano Spring 2002 RTW, they represent the 'now' version of the zoot suit, which has crossed genders in the advancement of blurred lines between the sexes. Teddy Boys The picture below is from 1953 Britain, titled 'Grangetown Teddy Boys' by Eugene Purvis. It is one of many shots which appear to be from a family reunion. The Teddy Boys trend began in England after WWII, spread to America and became classified with the American rock and roll culture. This picture represents the beginning of the trend in Britain, which consisted of long jackets, drainpipe trousers and usually a pair of bright colored socks. The 4 images below are House of Holland Fall 2008 RTW. The teddy boys idea has certainly changed over the years, it was made popular by celebrities such as Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis. House of Holland has made an interesting translation of that idea here, enlarging certain aspects and adding bright, bold patterns. Beatnik The Beatnik style was a media-based cliche of the 1950's and 60's. The style was Black eyes, hats and basically everything. The beatnik look is sort gypsy/ boho/ peasant blouses. And usually a french style beret is associated with the look. The 4 images below are from Betsey Johnson Fall 2008 RTW. The look is a revamp of the classic 50's beatnik style. The addition of bright yellow and leopard print has been added but the tights, hats and sunglasses are all retro. Mods Below is a picture of Twiggy from 1967. The dress she is wearing is designed by Mary Quant. Mary Quant could be seen as lead designer of the Mods movement. She started the bold, graphic, short-skirted fashion in swinging 60's London. The following 4 images are from Roland Mouret Spring 2003 RTW. The look is defined by the bright colors and sharp cuts of the garments. And always short skirts and a lot of skin are required. Hippie Movement This photo is from early 1960's in San Francisco. It is a good representation of men and womens hippie fashion. While the mod generation sported short hair-cuts on both sexes the hippie movement was more about freedom of all kinds, including a separation from the standard or 'norm' lifestyle of their parents. Long hair on men and women and tight pants. The images below are from Balmain spring 2008 RTW. The dresses have a heavy 60's feel about them, even if they aren't exactly accurate examples of the freedom of the hippie movement, they are great free-flowing garments. Flower power and ethnicity were also aspects of the hippie regime. Disco The images below are different examples of cultural shots from the 70's, particularly shots from Studio 54. The disco style consisted of glitter, silver and white clothes, also headbands, tight pants, loose blouses, heels and but-cut hairstyles. The images below are from Luella Fall 2001 RTW. The are a sophisticated disco look that translates to the 21st century. The bold colors and Bowie-esque fashions are influenced by the 70's disco style. Punk The punk style of the 1980's is littered with black leather, chains, body piercings and tattoos. Not to mention the spiked and multi-colors of hair that were sported far and wide, and still are prevalent, especially in England. Here are some nice street shots of the punk fashion. These pictures are from Rodarte Spring 2009 RTW. The line incorporated the punk street style into a luxury item, with just the right amount of leather, ripped fabric and chains. These 2 images are from Buddhist Punk Spring 2005 RTW. They are both newer versions of the Punk style on the runway. Hip Hop The hip hop trend began in the late 1980's early 90's, the style emerged with music of the same name and rap music. Also MTV and music videos were a strong influence on this style. Below are some examples of hip hop street wear including a photo of Kanye West in hip hop gear in 2009. The 6 images below are from Jasmine Di Milo Spring 2008 RTW. The line, to me, is a great translation of the hip hop style into a luxury item worthy of the runway. The hip hop look has a very broad spectrum, since it has so much to do with music, generally a short, tight plastic/shiny outfit will fit right in with the hip hop crowd. Sequins & Swarovski This is a trend dubbed by myself. I think that the 80's was not just the home of punk, but also the beginning of a style that has never really died. Sequins and crystals when worn on any garment make it brighter and more noticeable. The street trend can be found anywhere. In the past few years I have heard many times 'The 80's are back' and I think one of the main ways in which that is occurring is when women are trying hard to sparkle. Here are some example of sequins on the street and their runway Swarovski counterparts. The 3 following garments are from the Naeem Khan Pre-Fall 2009. All the long dresses are made even more luxurious and eye-grabbing by Swarovski crystal beading. And the following 4 garments are from Elle Saab Spring 2009 Couture, which also show the extravagant use of Swarovski crystals and the woman's need to shine. Skinny Jeans and Flats This is the other trend of our time that I named, even though it seems pretty obvious, seeing how it is what everyone is wearing these days. It is so exciting and liberating to see womens fashion finally move back to a flat shoe. Even though the downside is that now designer flats are just as expensive as heels, which doesn't make much sense. The point is that flats are in demand, and women like it. I like it especially, being a tall girl I do not like to tower above my husband, since flats have come back in style it is no longer a problem. Skinny Jeans are all over the place as well. They are my favorite, and they have replaced designer handbags as the hot new item that everyone identifies with as being a high-end item when seen on the streets. The following skinny jeans and flats are from (counterclockwise from top left) Blank Skinny Jeans and flats, D&G Skinny Jeans and flats, Hudson Emily Trigger Skinny Jeans and flats, J Brand Skinny Jeans and flats, Juicy Couture Skinny Jeans and flats, Tory Burch Skinny Jeans and flats. These brands are all very prominent in the fashion world and they are all sporting the same casual look. Skinny jeans look good on women and they don't mind spending big to get jeans that fit their body type perfectly. Suzanna Karatassos